In May 2012 I knew that working ashore wasn't what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I was in a dead end job, working
paycheck to paycheck; it was time to make a difference. I took my STCW class in May and saved up some money for the
next few months. In September 2012 I quit my job working in a warehouse and flew down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
shortly after to look for work on a yacht. After about two years of various daywork and temporary positions, I was ready to
try something else. In February 2014, I went to school for my Able Seaman certificate and a few other classes. In June
2014, I rented a car and drove to Louisiana to look for a job in the commercial offshore industry. Luckily on my second to
last day in the area, I was hired on as an AB aboard a 348 foot, Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel based out of Port
Fourchon, Louisiana. I worked there for just over 18 months and that is when the price of oil sank, lay-offs were
happening at nearly all companies in the area and I was ready to make a switch back to yachting; where I started out.

  I'm happy I've made the switch back to yachting, but I do have the endorsements to work on either private yachts or
commercial ships and will continue studying for more endorsements. I also have enough seatime to qualify for my 1600
ton mates license but just a matter of time to study and take the needed classes.
  My name is Jonathan Tautic and I’m a Merchant Marine. I’ve had an
interest in boats since I was 12 when my dad bought a 25 foot cabin
cruiser. We used to cruise the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound
around Old Saybrook, Connecticut every weekend during the summer. This
is when I knew I wanted to make a career at sea. I remember when I first
became interested in yachts; as we were on the Connecticut River in Old
Saybrook and I spotted Herb Chambers’ yacht, Excellence III, 188’. I was
amazed by the lines of this massive vessel. When I turned 16, my parents
bought me a kayak and I would go kayaking with my dad in the Connecticut
River, Long Island Sound, marsh rivers in Seabrook, New Hampshire and
various lakes and reservoirs in Connecticut. Just before my 19th birthday, I
purchased a jet ski and cruised the Connecticut River and Long Island
Sound across to Plum Gut, Long Island, New York.